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Attache Software (NZ) Pty
Level 4, 48 Greys Ave, , Auckland City 1010
We at Attaché Software have been working with medium businesses to help them grow and adapt to change for over 35 years. We utilise our suite of Business System Software, which includes accounting, payroll, e-commerce websites and asset management applications as well as our AI sales tools to provide this help. Why focus on the medium businesses? Well, while medium businesses with revenue typically in the $2m to $100m range accounts for just 8% of all firms, they generate a huge 30% of all revenue and jobs and are out-growing other sectors. These businesses are lumped in the SME category; however, they are more like large businesses in every respect but without their resources. They are largely ignored by governments as they don’t have the votes of small businesses nor the political influence of the large corporates. We have close ties to the M-Institute in Australasia (our CEO, Mike Rich, is a Co-founder), who are a support and resource group for medium businesses - 90% of whom say they face barriers to reaching their potential. Through the use of our comprehensive business suite, we can assist in unlocking the 12% or more of turnover typically trapped by inefficient business processes in these medium businesses as well as ensuring compliance with legislative changes such Pay Day Reporting headed our way.
Postal Address
PO Box 37623, Parnell, Auckland 1151


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